Coast radio station JZ 94.5 calls for unity

Coast radio station JZ 94.5 calls for unity

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - With suspect police shootings, Black Lives Matter demonstrations and deadly police shootings, most Americans are hoping cooler heads prevail.

Racial tension around the country has motivated coast radio station JZ 94.5 to organize a unity rally. The idea is to encourage dialogue and understanding between police and the community.

"Lots of people want to unite behind stopping the violence, behind police brutality and behind a lot of the ills that are fanning the flames nationally," said Tabari Daniels.

People will gather at Jones Park Friday beginning at 4 pm. People will then walk from the park through the downtown area and up to the Gulfport Police station on 15th Street.

"We'll socialize among each other constituents in the area and law enforcement. We want to build that network and keep the lines of communication open so people know who is in the area. Citizens can also talk with law enforcement, so we can build that connection and that bond," according to Michael Daniels.

Controversial police involved shootings have given birth to the Black Lives Matters movement. Deadly attacks on law enforcement from Dallas to Baton Rouge have turned up the heat. The radio station hopes to off set the intensity and make sure the coast remains untouched by similar activity.

"Nationally we've been watching heinous events. We want to be pro active and reinforce the connection between law enforcement, the community and local officials before something happens here. Not that we're anticipating that, but we'll have a network in place that can combat that," Tabari Daniels said.

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