Long Beach girl raises nearly $350 for fallen officers

Long Beach girl raises nearly $350 for fallen officers
Devin and her friends raised nearly $350. (Photo source: Sabrina Schepens)
Devin and her friends raised nearly $350. (Photo source: Sabrina Schepens)

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Devin's her name and selling lemonade is her game.

The 9-year-old has been in sales for most of her young life.

"I started the lemonade stand probably when I was like five. I use to do it right by the road, but they didn't really come," said Devin Schepens.

For years, Devin has used the money she made from selling the refreshing summertime beverage to just be a kid.

"Just for me, technically, just so I can buy stuff like toys," said Devin.

But with the help of her mom, the entrepreneur decided to move her stand to a more public place and donate the money to a greater cause.

"I already have a lot of money from doing this, and I thought we should help other people." Devin added.

Her cause: The Fallen Officers fund. Devin's grandfather is a retired police officer, so the recent shooting deaths of officers around the country hits close to home.

"They support us. They are amazing because they help us," noted Devin.

Devin and her friends set up shop up along Jeff Davis Ave. in Long Beach. They held signs to bring more attention to their stand.

"I was happy because I knew we would get a lot of money," said Schepens.

In just two short hours, the group raised almost $350.

"We gave the police officers free [lemonade] when they came because they help us so much, but they can get it for free. It was just if they wanted to donate," said Schepens.

While she has chosen a worthy cause for her lemonade money, Devin encourages other children with summer lemonade stands to think about choosing a cause close to their heart and do the same.

"It could be firemen, the Humane Society adoption place, and it could be other people that need help; like poor people," said the 9 year old added.

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