Are you PokémonGoing to need an umbrella?

Are you PokémonGoing to need an umbrella?

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - As local trainers flock to their favorite outdoor spot to catch 'em all, will they need to pack an umbrella or rain jacket?

South Mississippi will have a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms on Saturday, mainly during the afternoon.

Recently, the Biloxi Lighthouse and Jones Park have been two typical hot spots for Pokemon GO activity. But community events tying up the Biloxi Visitor's Center and lighthouse could have coastal trainers instead jamming Jones Park.

"Saturday's storms will be hit-or-miss, so not everyone should expect to see rain," said WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams. "For areas near and south of I-10, storms will have the best chance to form from about 10 am through 3 pm. Rain chances will decrease this evening."

"Any storms that do form will be slow-movers capable of putting out a downpour," Williams continued. "So, a few spots may need to watch for ponding on roads."

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