Ocean Springs Alderman Greg Denyer hopes signs will slow down drivers

Ocean Springs Alderman Greg Denyer hopes signs will slow down drivers

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Signs that read "Please Drive Like Your Kids Live Here" have been popping up in small, Ocean springs neighborhoods.

The signs, which have been mostly seen in Ward IV, is a personal message – not political one – for Ocean Springs Alderman Greg Denyer, who says he won't run for re-election.

"I've just got two grandkids the last couple of years, and I think about them riding bikes and being on the road," said Denyer, who got the idea from a sign he liked weeks ago.

Denyer used about $150 of his capital improvement ward funds to make about 25 signs.

"I'm not expecting this to be a cure all of everything," Denyer said. "But if it does work, it's worth the time and the effort for everybody."

Denyer says that most of those who speed down the narrow streets are young kids or young adults.

"A lot of people are consumed with other things - whether it be the telephone, texting - and I think speed gets away from them," Denyer added. "It's tough to slow them down. You can't have a policeman sitting there all the time."

Kris Byrd has been a resident in the neighborhood for 30 years.

"All our kids grew up here walking to school, walking in the neighborhood," Byrd said. "And we all have teenagers that at one point, that drove too fast. We all agree with this. Plus, now, I have dogs."

For Bobbi Jo Beaugez, the sign is another important tool in her safety toolbox. She's had so much trouble with speeders through her neighborhood, she sets up a safety zone when her children are riding their bikes.

"We've had people purposefully run over our traffic cones that we put out when the kids are riding their bikes," Beaugez said. "When my husband or I, or any of the neighbors, have asked people to slow down, people have stopped and cursed us out, flipped us off, act aggressively. So the kids have had to dive out of the road before while I'm standing out in the road with them."

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