Page 13: Heat and eat healthy food

Page 13: Heat and eat healthy food

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Every week there's a flurry of activity in the kitchen on Kiln Delisle Road in Pass Christian.

Tonya Martin started Zone Meals to Go with the motto "Eat great and lose weight".

"Everything is made fresh. We just chopped these strawberries this morning," Martin said.

Meals and snacks are planned, prepared, packaged and picked up by customers.

"You're eating good, healthy food so you just feel much better. A lot of fruits and vegetables and you feel great," said Martin.

Zone Meals to Go offers single person, and family plans for two people. The meals are broken into carefully designed blocks to make sure diners are getting proper nutrition. Martin and her staff put the meals together in to-go packages twice a week.

"It's all labeled. You don't have to go to the grocery store. They don't have to cook or clean their kitchen.They just get the food I tell them to eat and put it in the bag, take it home, and heat it and eat it," according to Martin.

The plan is based on the Zone diet from the popular series of books by Dr. Barry Sears, in which fats, carbs, protein and calories adds up to healthy eating.

Tanya's first group of customers came from the Cross Fit community. After opening a year and a half ago, Martin is attracting a wider clientele.

"Now we're finding we're helping older people, people with diabetes. They're eating healthier, losing weight and getting off their diabetes medicine. They're happy and they have more energy. I love seeing people be successful and losing weight. I love it," said Martin.

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