Entrepreneurial Alliance To Help Small Businesses

Businesses like Nissan are the ones always making the headlines. But they aren't necessarily the ones making all the money.

"More people work for small businesses than big businesses. And more new jobs are created by small businesses," Governor Haley Barbour said.

The governor was in Vicksburg Thursday as the USDA Rural Development Authority announced a partnership between basically every government entity in the state. The plan is to prevent potential entrepeneurs from having to jump through hoops.

"I won't merely refer them, I will walk with them to get that help. And then we walk to the next entity to get help from them," USDA Rural Development Director Nick Walters says.

He says the Mississippi Entrepreneurial Alliance will be able to help small businesses get financing and work a business plan. For six months, they'll all go through training and they'll be drawing up their plans from current entrepeneurs.

"We're going to get an idea from them on exactly what they need. We're not going to make an assumption, especially from the public sector, that we know exactly what the private sector needs."

With the blessing of Governor Barbour, Walters believes the idea will pave the way for many great future ideas from the public.

"We don't have to wait on a plant to locate. And we don't have to worry about whether we have the right incentives or an industrial park or what our incentives are going to be. This is growing our own."