Storm complex could bring overnight rumbles

Storm complex could bring overnight rumbles

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Rumbles of thunder could interrupt the sleep of South Mississippians tonight. A dying complex of thunderstorms could possibly move through the WLOX area on Thursday night into Friday morning.

On Thursday evening, the storm complex was located over central Arkansas. Funnel clouds and winds of 70 miles per hour have been reported northwest of Little Rock.

Forecasters expect the storm complex to continue moving to the south and southeast, possibly arriving on the Gulf Coast after midnight but before daybreak Friday.

"The good news is that the storm complex should be falling apart by the time it reaches the coast," WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams explained. "So, we shouldn't expect the destructive thunderstorms that folks in the Plains have dealt with. But, parts of South Mississippi may see a few isolated thunderstorms between about 1 am and 5 am Friday."

"Severe weather is not expected to be an issue overnight in South Mississippi," continued Williams. "But, we'll continue to monitor the developing situation for any changes. So be sure to stay updated on the latest forecast."

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