'Follies' at the Saenger Theater

'Follies' at the Saenger Theater

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Surreal, sophisticated, heart wrenching, and epic in scope are some of the words that have been used to describe the Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical, "Follies".

The Coast's Broadway South Repertory opens with its production of "Follies" at the Saenger Theater in Biloxi this weekend.

In "Follies", the setting is 1971 New York City. The event is a 30-year reunion of ex-Follies performers in a crumbling theater that's about to be turned into a parking lot. A cast of more than 50 talented performers fill the stage.  You'll hear songs like "Broadway Baby" and "I'm Still Here", as these aging "ex-Follies" gals remember their star studded pasts.

Amid the reminiscing, two middle-aged couples confront some unpleasant truths about their past and present, while also remembering the good times.

Cliff Thompson and Michael Frome play the older husbands.

"Follies is about the choices we make when we're young; and what might have happened if we had gone one way or what might have happened if we had gone the other way," said Frome.

Terese Gargiulo Evans and Karen Abernathy play middle age wives.

"The audience will see a bit of themselves in the show; maybe some past or current relationships; it's very real life," Evans added.

Their younger versions help bring a lifetime of memories to life as the couples remember their past. Cody Breland, Jayne Edwards, Mikhaela Kostmayer and Aaron Rishel play the young couples.

There are plenty of dramatic moments from the cast, including stage veteran Terese, singing one of Sondheim's classic ballads, "Losing my Mind." Additionally, there are plenty of lighter, fun moments in the show; like Karen showing her jazzy side in "The story of Lucy and Jessie". Terese "loves anything written by Sondheim", and Follies is one of her favorites.

"It covers all kinds of musical Theater styles, the characters are complex, and this is a great cast," said Evans.

James Taylor is the director, Sandy Starcher is musical director, and Morgan Petersen-Taylor is the choreographer. Catch Follies July 15, 16, and 17 at the Saenger Theater in Biloxi.  For tickets, visit entertainmentcartel.net.

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