Black Lives Matter protesters rally in Pascagoula

Black Lives Matter protesters rally in Pascagoula

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Protesters gathered at the Pascagoula Bridge Tuesday night to speak out against police brutality. They said it's one of the only ways to get their point across.

After the controversial killings of two African-American men, a group of Pascagoula residents decided to voice their opinions on the Pascagoula Bridge.

"My thing is that I would live to see justice fought for families who have lost loved ones due to gun shootings by police officers," said one protester.

Organizers said that even though the controversial killings didn't occur on the coast, they still have to make their statement in South Mississippi.

Attendees marching said the phrase "Black Lives Matter" doesn't mean that blue or white lives don't matter. They just believe that right now there is a disregard for African-American lives.

"If you're afraid of some of these people on the street, you might need to find another profession. Just because I have tattoos and dread locks, and I'm a young black man, that doesn't mean that I'm a criminal. That also doesn't mean that I'm a violent person. I have a degree, I have two degrees," said another protester.

The protest ended peacefully with a prayer at the Pascagoula Lighthouse. Protest organizers are contemplating holding another protest in the same place sometime Wednesday evening.

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