Wiggins joins hands in prayer against national violence

Wiggins joins hands in prayer against national violence

WIGGINS, MS (WLOX) - A community joined in prayer Monday night, as hundreds gathered in Blaylock Park just to pray for unity and solidarity among the nation.

"Basically, we're here to bring the community together and to address and encourage the community that we can pray out to god for unity," said Stone County NAACP President Robert James. "We don't want a group of white people over here praying and a group of black people over here praying. We wanna see them come together."

And that's just what happened as people of all races and ages came together. The Reverend Robby Rikard of First Baptist Church in Wiggins felt he had to organize this after watching coverage of what happened in Dallas last week.

"I woke up Friday morning, and my heart was just wrenched. We have got to come together. It is so important in a time like this that we cross racial lines, political lines, denominational lines," said Rikard.

All sides agreed that a change must happen in order to move forward as a country.

"I'm kinda on both sides, I have family members that are law enforcement, and I am an African American American male. I have been stopped before in the past, as far as being profiled. So I think it's a wonderful thing that we're doing now to try to come together as one, as this great nation that we are," said Wiggins resident Dexter Little.

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