Pokemon fever invades Jones Park

Pokemon fever invades Jones Park

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Dozens of people of all ages and genders gathered at Jones Park early Sunday evening to catch them - Pokemon, that is.

Within days of being released, the "Pokemon Go" app and its popularity has exploded worldwide.

"If you were born in the 90s you know Pokemon was a big thing back then, became a trading card game, everyone always wanted to go out and catch real Pokemon. Pokemon Go allows you to do that," said long-time Pokemon fan Adam Everett.

The game uses the GPS and camera on mobile devices as the main interface. As gamers move around in real life, their avatar moves, too. The more gamers move, the more likely they are to stumble across Pokemon.

"I've been going out and walking more than what I would do on a normal daily basis," said Ricky Bone.

Corey Wade agreed, adding, "Just in the last day, day and a half, I've probably walked 10 to 12 miles."

One of the newer features in tech is augmented reality. Pokemon go uses feature well, putting the Pokemon in the real world through the lens of the camera.

In big gatherings, the game becomes even more interactive, making what looks like an antisocial experience, pretty social.

"So as people will have their face down, looking at what is currently going on. We're also looking around, talking and socializing, waiting for Pokemon to appear," said Bone.

The game is available for download in mobile app stores.

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