Biloxi church members say prayer is the answer to violence

Biloxi church members say prayer is the answer to violence

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A community prayer was held in Biloxi on Sunday in an effort to combat violence in America.

"We are one race, and that's the human race. To see anyone gunned down for whatever reason, being law enforcement officers or the general population, it's never a good thing," said Rev. Eric Dickey of First Missionary Baptist

A former Biloxi city councilman, Dickey had one thing in mind during his sermon Sunday morning: healing America.

"I know there are other ways to handle our frustration, to handle our differences," said Dickey.

And that way is prayer.

"I think its a way of asking God to come in and help people understand the violence that has gone on this past week," said church member, James Crowell.

Community members like Mac McGrigg say they are crying out to God for a change in the nation.

"Churches should be at the forefront of this because this is where we teach our young folks to love and be apart of these United States," said McGrigg.

After what seems like a divide between African Americans and law enforcement, Dickey is praying to heal the divide.

"There's a right to be upset, there's a reason to be upset. There's a responsibility to be upset, but then the response to being upset should not result to what happened there in Dallas, Texas," added Dickey.

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