Pascagoula homeowner escapes bullets in her backyard

Pascagoula homeowner escapes bullets in her backyard
May says she and her granddaughter ran when they heard the gunfire. (Photo source: WLOX News)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A day cooling off in the pool quickly became intense after shots rang out in a Pascagoula neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

Two men were shot just outside of Ellen May's backyard; sending bullets flying through her wooden fence.

"I thought I heard fireworks," said May. "It was real fast."

But as wood splinters flew into the water, May knew she had to get her and 5-year-old granddaughter to safety - and fast.

"So we get out we start running, and around the corner a black man who's bleeding he stops - we stop - he says 'I've been shot and robbed,'" May noted.

Stunned, May ran inside to call the police.

"We run inside and lock the doors, and he jumped the fence and goes through that other fence," May said.

Pascagoula police officers canvassed the area looking for clues for hours.

"We did find this one bullet hole in the fence, and there's another one that grazed the light work up there," said May.

Shell casings were spread throughout a yard on the corner of Ingalls Avenue and Heidenheim Drive. Of the two victims, one was picked up from Miller Avenue - the other took tried to make it to the hospital in a shot up car.

"I want the citizens to feel safe in the city of Pascagoula because we have this under control and we have additional people out working on this to ensure their safety," said Pascagoula Police Captain Shannon Massey.

As investigators continue to piece together exactly what happened, they are still searching for a motive. Both victims are in stable condition.

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