Social media leads family to lost dog

Social media leads family to lost dog

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - X-Ray, the 3-year-old Mini Golden Doodle, is happy to be home, and so is the Thriffiley family.

"She's been a blessing to our family and we love her," said Angie Thriffiley. "I couldn't imagine coming home at night and her not being here to welcome us. I mean, when we found out that she was alive yesterday it was just, it was amazing."

X-Ray and her owner James Thriffiley were on a boat near Goose Point, just west of the Popp's Ferry Bridge, about noon on Friday when she went missing.

"We were skiing and about every 45 minutes I [gave her water]," James said. "I went to [give her water] at one point in the break, and she wasn't there."

Just minutes later, the search was on.

"I had 25 - 30 people on land searching off piers, and all the water front and bushes," Angie said.

But, it was social media that led them back together.

Steve and Tammi Farabee of Gulfport found X-Ray swimming in the water more than a mile away, near Grasshopper Island.

Thanks to the Facebook page Mississippi Gulf Coast Lost and Found Animals, the Thriffileys knew where X-Ray was around 7 p.m.

"Hours later I found out who all helped," Angie said. "I mean, people I haven't seen in a couple of years, they just found out from social media and were looking. It was, it was wonderful."

X-Ray had been in the water for about an hour before she was picked up. She was in distress and messy, but OK.

The reunion was a good one.

"We drove up and just jumped out – didn't even cut the engine off in the car," Angie said. "We were rolling around with her and just, I mean, it was just wonderful."

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