Gulf Coast residents pray for police protection

Gulf Coast residents pray for police protection

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Recent tragedy across the United States brought the Gulfport community together on Saturday.

"We're here for several reasons. One, to pay our respects, and give our condolences to the officers that lost their lives in Dallas. What a tragedy in our country. We all hurt, we all bleed blue," said D'Iberville Police Chief, Wayne Payne.

Hundreds came together in an effort to remember and honor officers who were killed in Dallas July 11. First Baptist Church opened its doors, allowing the community to come in and pray for the protection of police officers.

"Our community is very close knit, and our community is a praying community, and for problems to be addressed and for concerns to be addressed. We need to lift to God our concerns," said Gulfport resident, Virginia Adolph.

Prayer was the main attraction for Gulf Coast residents like John Molher.

"I thought it was necessary to be here today. Not just a nice thing, it was a necessary thing, It's where we all need to be now and in the future if we wanna preserve this country," said Molher.

Gulf coast residents say they'll continue to pray for protection and peace.

"The thin blue line is strong, and as I said in my statement, it may bend, it may stretch, but it'll never break," said Chief Payne.

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