Pascagoula prayer service brings together community and law enforcement

Pascagoula prayer service brings together community and law enforcement

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - After a week of tragedies, Jackson County residents came together with law enforcement in prayer at a special service Friday in Pascagoula in hopes to begin a healing process.

While many know the cure for social unity is difficult, the medicine is simple: faith.

"We have attacks on law enforcement; we have attacks on innocent people," Pastor Eric Camp said. "It's time that stops."

Camp is in a unique position. Before going into the ministry, he was a police officer himself.

"Obviously, we are scared for our families. We're scared for our local law enforcement officers and just for a man to be scared because of the color of his skin for whatever effect. There's something wrong with that."

The hour-long praise and worship service brought together residents throughout Jackson County and law enforcement with a common theme.

"The answer is Jesus," said member Kenny Durden. "The answer is love. God is love. So, if we could get back to just loving one another, then I think that would solve a lot of issues. But there is a lot of love that is missing in the world today."

Another church member, Shawn Panni, is also a Pascagoula police officer.

"We need to get on our needs and pray for this country," Panni said. "And tonight, here at Oasis, we're trying to bring people together and pray for our country and law enforcement officers and just ask God to have mercy on us."

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell agreed.

"Faith crosses all colors," he said. "It doesn't matter what color you are. The Lord looks at the heart. He's not looking at what your skin is he looks inside at the man that's inside there."

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