Excessive heat not only uncomfortable, but dangerous

Excessive heat not only uncomfortable, but dangerous

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - For public works employees, the scorching sun has to be dealt with every day.

Consequences of not paying heed to the heat can be dire.

"Well, we had two employees yesterday that got sick and fell out. Of course, we tried to get them in here to the office and get them on some fluids. We sent them home to get rested up, do the best they can to take it easy," public works director Johnny Groue explained.

Professional fishermen visiting the Coast for a tournament take every precaution when they are out on the water.

"I use rags....that you dip into your ice chest to keep yourself cool several times, and also wrap around your wrists," said Scott Ayers.

Bike rider Kathy Donnett has plenty of water, and plenty of experience with heat because she's originally from Las Vegas.

"I saw a lot of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. People don't realize how fast you can become dehydrated. And the key is always take a bottle of water everywhere you go, even when traveling," Donnett advised.

Getting an earlier start also helps D'Iberville parks employee Anne Mikish.

"We usually come in at seven in the morning, but we've been coming in at six because it's so hot out and try and get things done earlier."

Construction workers rely on the buddy system.

"We talk to each other and see if anybody is thirsty and feeling bad or overheated," said Chris Harris. "We usually take like a 10 minute break every hour if we can....and stay hydrated of course."

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