How to make sure you still see what you want on Facebook

How to make sure you still see what you want on Facebook

(WLOX) - It's no secret that Facebook likes to change the way it does things every now and then - sometimes with obvious good reason.

But last week Facebook updated its algorithm, which is the custom code that determines what you see in your News Feed each day.

The change means it will start showing more posts from your friends and family, and fewer posts from publishers, like WLOX.

Now, it's not hard to see that more posts up front from the people you care about can be a positive change.

But with these new changes some may ask, "How can I still see posts from publishers (like WLOX)?"

Fortunately, there's an easy fix for that.

How to see all posts from a friend, brand, or publisher on Facebook

In 2015, Facebook added a new option called See First, that lets users tag profiles and Pages to see at the top of the news feed when they post something new.

  1. Go to a profile you are already friends with or a page you already follow.
  2. Tap the blue "Following" button on mobile, or click the "Liked" button on your computer. A menu of options will appear. Select "See First."

 Facebook also provides a quick way to hide posts from a friend, brand or publisher. (Source: Facebook)

You can always undo the selections you've made on Facebook by going back to the profile or page.

Happy Facebooking!

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