Coast voters have strong views on Clinton email probe

Coast voters have strong views on Clinton email probe

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - As soon as the news broke Tuesday about the FBI findings in the Hillary Clinton email probe, people rushed to social media to voice their strong opinions. WLOX also heard some powerful comments around several lunch tables at a Long Beach restaurant.

Politics and shrimp po-boys seemed to be the hot topics for several diners at the Cajun Crawfish Hut. Most people had strong words against Hillary Clinton after learning that the FBI recommends no charges be made against her in the email investigation.

"I think it's a sad day in our country. I think they should have held her above the law like everybody else. She broke the law. She intentionally broke the law. She knew what she was doing," said Bay St. Louis Resident Pamela Swafford.

"It upset me sure, definitely. No one else would have gotten off. That's the worst part," said Darryl Levingston of Gulfport. "A lot of fraud going on and a lot of cover-up, and she should have had a trial at least."

Muzette Chatham of Long Beach said she was not surprised by the findings.

"I'm not upset, because I kind of figured what would happen. I've lived a long, long time and life has taught me what you can trust and what you cannot and I just think she misused the power," said Chatham.

J. Allen Stokes disagreed.

"That's a good conclusion of this whole situation. I didn't think there was anything there from the beginning. So I'm glad it's been resolved and they can go on to talk about more important issues as it relates to the economy and jobs," said Stokes.

Opinions also differed over whether the FBI results will affect Clinton's presidential campaign.

"I think it'll help. I don't see how it can hurt the campaign," said Stokes.

"I don't think it's going to do anything to her campaign. The people that vote for her are still going to vote for her, and the people who aren't going to vote for her won't vote for her," said Levingston.

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