Courthouse Road Expands Its Business Base

Ask realtors and they'll tell you Courthouse Road has become a secondary business district for the coast. Just about every available Courthouse Road property has been purchased. And most are being turned into shops and boutiques.

Sue LeBlanc owns the newest boutique. "I'm having a blast," she said with a big smile on her face. "I'm loving it."

A year ago, LeBlanc met Ginger Pridjian. That night, the Gulfport women decided to open a boutique. They moved into a spot on Courthouse Road because of the view it could provide. When LeBlanc looks out her shop's window, she sees "a

An average of 13,000 cars go up and down Courthouse Road everyday. The traffic flow was whey two different developers told me they bought land and built these new shops.

John Majure was one of the developers. He believes, "The post office directly across from us has also been a great draw. We get visibility that we didn't have south of the tracks."

Barbara Langlois was John Majure's tenant when he ran an office on the south end of Courthouse Road. She was invited to move north with Majure when he built the new Courthouse Road shopping complex. "I think it's wonderful," Langlois said. "The more retail business, it helps everybody."

Majure believes Courthouse Road "has potential to grow even more probably. We feel like we're in the right spot. So we're real happy."

Construction across the parking lot will bring a coffee house and a salon next to Sue LeBlanc's boutique. And that has her excited about the boutique's future on Courthouse Road. LeBlanc said, "With the shops on either side of us, I think we're going to do well. I hope we do well."

One of the vacant Courthouse Road buildings is the old Catfish Shak next to the railroad tracks. It has a sign on its marquee that says temporarily closed. But it's been empty for years. A Gulfport realtor told WLOX News the property is under contract. But it's in litigation. So Catfish Shak will remain empty for the forseeable future.