Campers rescued from Horn Island

Campers rescued from Horn Island

HORN ISLAND, MS (WLOX) - A nine-day Fourth of July camping trip on Horn Island was cut short Monday. The Brandon family ended their relaxing vacation with friends when the boat they arrived on disappeared overnight leaving them stranded on the barrier island.

"I got up and walked outside and realized the boat was gone and we couldn't see out there, but I don't see very well anyway. But we didn't see anything
and the winds were really high," said Barbara Macko.

Barbara Macko said her husband, Todd, his brother, and his brother's two friends had planned on spending a little over a week on Horn Island. When they woke up on the Fourth of July, they realized their 21-foot aluminum boat had other plans. That's when they called for help.

"We were called and they had lost their boat. Somehow or another their boat became untied and drifted off and they were left out here with no boat 
and they were out here camping. And so we got the call to see if we could come out here and get them back to shore," said Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell.

Luckily, it only took a few hours for help to arrive. Though the wayward boat was later lassoed near Singing River Island, Barbara said it sustained serious damaged.

Still, she and the rest of the crew said the camping trip is one they'll never forget.

"I've enjoyed it, even though this happened. It still has been an awesome trip an awesome adventure," said Macko.

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