69th Annual Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo comes to a close

69th Annual Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo comes to a close

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - On the Fourth of July there was a mad rush as fishermen got in line to weigh their catches before the 4 o'clock deadline approached.

Donnie Bosarge of Gautier snagged the biggest Grouper, which is also called Cobia. His fish weighed 26 pounds, 14 ounces.  Bosarge said they were on a shrimp boat and were actually trying to catch Bonita.  All of a sudden the Cobia showed up and he grabbed a free line and hooked the big fish.

"We were out near an oil rig probably 400 foot of water fishing with butterfly Bonita, a whole butterfly Bonita on the bottom, "said Bosarge.  "I didn't take lone, probably 10 minutes to reel him up."

In previous years at the Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Bosarge won the Red Snapper and Spanish Mackerel categories.

Rodeo Director Dwayne Armes weighed the Lemon Fish winner and called out, "Lemon Fish, 53 pounds, 10 ounces."

Mark Ros of Pascagoula says he hooked the rodeo Lemon Fish winner about 20 miles South of Pascagoula while fishing for Bonita on a shrimp boat.

Ros said, "Had him on a big rod and got him in about 10 minutes up and my buddy gaffed him and it had fallen off the gaff the first time.  Went back in the water and luckily stayed on the hook and brought him back up to the back and gaffed him again for the second time and got him over the bow there."

Overall, two state record were established at the 2016 Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo and both were sharks.

Rodeo Director Dwayne Armes said, "We had a Bull Shark state record broke and a Tiger Shark state record broke.
Tiger Shark 390 pounds, the Bull Shark was 203 pounds."

Veteran weigh master Mark Wright gave this year's rodeo...a thumbs up.

"We were steady for the first two days, "stated Wright. " Had a little slack yesterday and started a little slow today, but as always had that last hour and a-half rush.  Fish conditions were a little bit rough, wind kicked up and everything, but overall it's been a huge success this year."

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