Vetts for Vets event shows off classic American cars for July 4th

Vetts for Vets event shows off classic American cars for July 4th

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Fourth of July event called "Vettes for Vets" took place at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport on Monday. Dozens of Corvettes from five states converged on the military home for a unique holiday celebration.

More than any other car, perhaps, the Chevrolet Corvette reflects and represents Americana. So what better way to celebrate Independence Day, than with a classic car and Americans who helped preserve our precious freedom.

"Here to salute our veterans. I'm a Navy boy myself from back in the mid-60s. But we love being here with our heroes," said car owner Bob Decker.

"Special thing. What else would you want to do on the Fourth of July than pay homage to the guys that made it free?" added Michael Leeds.

"Glad to do it. We are honoring our veterans for sure," said Bob Harrison, as he slowly rolled his Corvette down the circular drive. "They deserve our respect and everything that we can give them."

It's a treat for the residents on this Fourth of July, getting a close-up look at some classic rides.

"Mighty pretty, mighty pretty. I wish I owned one of them," said AFRH resident Bill Jossendal.

He says he couldn't afford a Corvette years ago.

"I was driving a Studebaker, and an old Chevrolet. I think it was a '39. No, '29."

The car owners enjoyed taking time with the retirement home residents, showing off their rides and swapping stories about cars and military service. About 70 percent of the car owners who brought their Corvettes, are veterans themselves. Like the man they call "Bull"

"It's time for a celebration, folks. We're here to celebrate our fellow vets. Wouldn't miss it for the world," said Bull.

"I never had the money to buy one," said Len Raley, "But they're really great."

"I couldn't even get one of these when I was younger because I had bad knees and couldn't get in the thing," said AFRH resident Edna Hall.

The car owners enjoyed a barbecue lunch with the residents on this holiday, and even gave some residents quick rides in their Vettes.

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