Pets, kids, and hot cars: Look before you lock

Pets, kids, and hot cars: Look before you lock

WLOX - Temperatures around South Mississippi and the Northern Gulf Coast have been hot, hot, hot lately and we're expecting this trend to continue through the next week.

This is the time of year when we hear many stories of children and animals left in hot cars. Sadly, most of these stories do not have happy endings.

There is a very real danger when leaving children and animals in hot cars; even if it is only for a brief time while you run into the supermarket.

Lately, high temperatures have been in the mid-90s with heat indices soaring into the low 100s. However, the outside temperature doesn't have to be that hot to be fatal inside a car.

Temperatures inside a car can climb upwards of 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. So if it's 75 degrees outside, the inside of your car could reach 95 degrees rather quickly.

Throughout the next week, be sure check the back seat twice for pets and kids before you get out of the car and lock the doors.

Other things to keep in mind this week include drinking plenty of water if you will be outside for a considerable amount of time, and doing your best to avoid the midday sun, when temperatures could be the highest.

Don't forget that you can download the free WLOX First Alert Weather App to get your forecast whenever you are on-the-go, and check the hour-by-hour forecast to see whenever it will be the hottest outdoors.

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