NASA testing engines to go to Mars

NASA testing engines to go to Mars

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Mars is a place that no man has ever been. But, that may change soon.

NASA director, Charles Bolden spoke in a conference at Stennis Space Center on Saturday about engines that could possibly be used to travel to the planet.

"It's the most important planet in our solar system next to Earth because we believe at one time that it was very much like Earth," said NASA Director, Charles Bolden. "We can learn about Mars and what's happened to it over time, the more we'll understand about our own planet,"

Four RS-25 engines will more than likely be used on rockets, hopefully to carry human life forms to the little red planet.

More than 1,800 applicants have applied to be part of the mission to Mars. Bolden says Mississippi is vital part of space exploration.

"I have told people every time I've come here that it has always been true, and will been true until the end of time, that nothing goes to space that doesn't go through Stennis. So, you gotta come through Mississippi to get to space," said Bolden.

Engine testing will continue in the upcoming years.

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