MS texting and driving violation increases

MS texting and driving violation increases

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Most drivers are aware that a violation for texting while driving comes with a fine, but as of July 2, it will cost even more.

New state laws have increased the penalty from $25 per ticket to $100.

Even though a higher fine is sure to hurt wallets, locals seem to be supportive of the initiative.

"It's something that's useless and all it's doing is causing more chaos concerning driving. You're taking yourself away from concentrating on driving," said Lemuel Anderson of Gulfport.

Eighteen-year-old Holley Elliot says texting and driving is a problem among her age group.

"My life matters. My life matters, your life matters, put your phone down," said Elliot. "People are getting killed because people are texting and driving all the time."

The teenager thinks increasing the penalty could help curb the dangerous act.

"The higher the fine, I feel like more people will stop doing it because they don't wanna pay it," Elliot added.

The state law currently bans drivers from writing, sending, or reading text messages; including emails and social media messages. However, drivers in Mississippi are still legally allowed to make and receive phone calls.

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