Audubon urges everyone to share the beach

Audubon urges everyone to share the beach

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Sharing the beach is a message Audubon of Mississippi wants you to know about.

In Biloxi, temporary fences are put up right across from Beauvoir to protect Least Tern birds.

The migratory birds that nest and breed on the Mississippi beaches are protected by law, and can be hard to see with their natural camouflage.

The Audubon Society says if you see the fencing don't get too close.

"Let people know that they should stay away from this area. Least tern adults are very good parents and they're very aggressively protecting their young. They're part of our natural heritage and everyone can come out here to appreciate them, but also keep your distance," said Audubon biologist Dr. Sheri Glowinski.

The Least Terns are expected to stay on the Mississippi Coast until late July, when they'll begin migrating to Central and South America.

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