South Mississippians react to HB1523 Injunction

South Mississippians react to HB1523 Injunction

GULFPORT, MS - House Bill 1523 was supposed to take effect. However that won't be the case.

"As far as blocking it, I think it was a step in the right direction. As far as the law going into effect, like I said, I don't think that it's right. People don't have to suffer for what they believe in or what they think is right," said Adam Everette.

Along with Everett, others are expressing positive feelings towards the injunction.

"I think everyone should have their own freedom of choice of what they want to do. This is America. For right now we can do what we want to, say what we want to, believe what we want to and be who we want to be," said Wanda Bowman.

However at the same time, others are opposing.

"With the bill that they tried to pass, and I understand that it got shut down today by a judge, you know God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, and that's how In feel about that," said one man, who asked not to be named.

Gov. Phil Bryant, who doesn't agree with Judge Reeves, says he's looking forward "to an aggressive appeal" of the ruling.

"To all the members of the LGBT community, I think that we should continue trying to fight this. We shouldn't have to stand by and watch this happen. We should be able to do what we want to do like it was originally intended," said Everette

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