Page 13: Natural sweet summer treats

Page 13: Natural sweet summer treats

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Refreshing pineapples and other fruits turned into hand-crafted treats at Pop Brothers in Gulfport are a sure cure for beating the heat in South Mississippi

"Everything is fresh. We purchase the freshest fruit we can, we buy local when we can. We make about 50 different flavor combinations that are unique to us. They are all my recipes and our customers tend to love them," said co-owner Octavio Arzola.

Pop Brothers goes all out to buy produce from local growers. They also use a variety of interesting ingredients in their specialty popsicles.

"I love to use everything that I can. We use fresh fruit and fresh herbs and spices. I do a Marrakesh, that is a Moroccan style popsicle with figs and pistachios," Arzola said.

The emphasis is on all natural items with no added chemicals or refined sugars. After being blended and turned into a creamy concoction, the pops are poured into molds for a quick freeze process in specially designed equipment. 
"I have freedom to do anything I like, that's what keeps me going. I'm so excited to see what the farmers bring in and what I can come up with. The crazier the combination, the more our customers seem to like it," according to Arzola.

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