Parents concerned about lack of medical aid at baseball game

Parents concerned about lack of medical aid at baseball game

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Although it's their first youth World Series experience, Sajid and Angelica Jackson of Atlanta may think twice about coming back.

Their 10-year-old son was injured during a Wednesday morning USSSA game. The concerned parents say their son's injuries were serious enough to require emergency medical attention - but they received none.

"Absolutely no medical aid. Absolutely...nothing. We had seen four or five carts going past us, absolutely no assistance," said Sajid, whose son collided with another player.

Both players seemed to be knocked unconscious.

"Any concerned parent would put baseball last and their kid first in this kind of instance," said Sajid. "Because, to actually see your kid laid out like that is very scary."

The City of Gulfport leases the fields to tournament organizers, and it is left up to the tournament directors to bring in security or extra medical assistance.

"Most importantly is the safety of our children - that's number one - that play in our facilities and use our facilities," said Rusty Ramage, Gulfport Sportsplex director. "911, we found, is the best response time."

However, both Gulfport Fire Department and American Medical Response confirms that no 911 calls were made from the Sportsplex. Sajid and Angela ended up taking their child to the hospital themselves.

WLOX News Now attempted to contact a member of the tournament staff, but no one was available for comment.

"If they care about the USA tournament, if it's that much to them, they should make sure they want those kids to be safe and have fun as well as I do."

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