Pascagoula Voters Will Decide On Hotel Tax In June

Many travelers looking for a place to stay say they generally pay attention to location, amenities, and above all price.

"Your room is going to be $75 a night plus tax," Receptionist says.

But just how many hotel guests question the tax rate on their rooms?

"It's something I've never asked about, but I know it can be pretty significant depending on the location," Traveler Joel Alexander says.

"I don't really pay that much attention. I just charge it and pay the bill when it comes in. I don't know," Traveler Andrea Fraser says.

La Font Inn General Manager Brandon Turner says some of his guests may have a different attitude.

"Some people pay no attention at all, but you do have people that pay really close attention to it," Turner says.

Those people, Turner says, may chose to stay elsewhere if a three percent hotel tax is levied in Pascagoula.

"If they're on a strict per diem rate, a lot of workers are. If they are worried about the bottom line, then they're going to look for that and they are going to look and shop for the least expensive room rate with tax," Turner says.

City leaders say Pascagoula and Gautier are the only two cities in Jackson County right now without a "tourism tax."

Pascagoula voters may soon elect to change that. If they do, some travelers may notice and others may not.