Anti HB1523 film planned to come out late July

Anti HB1523 film planned to come out late July

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A big message needs a big voice to carry it, like that of Bill Luckett.

"It was a solution that didn't have a problem underneath it," Luckett said. "There was not a problem here. This was unnecessary."

Luckett, the mayor of Clarksdale and former Democratic candidate for governor, is talking about the short film "Meanwhile in Mississippi," which is a push-back against the Religious Accommodations Act.

He's co-producer of the movie, stars as a television anchor and is a real-life opponent of the law.

"Laws are one thing; morals are something else," Luckett said. "With whom we associate, what goes on in the bedroom, what we like to eat - those things shouldn't be dictated by government. And that's sort of the message that this movie brings out.

The sci-fi, reality-based, fiction short film is being produced on the Coast by writer/director Tammy Devin of Gulf Coast Film Works.

"Meanwhile in Mississippi" was supposed to be released by July 1, the day the law takes effect. But, it is only half done and needs another $6,000 to finish production.

"This film is going to bring a lot of attention not only the rights and civil rights of everyone in our community, but also to religious freedom," Devin said. "Everyone needs to worry about the dangerous precedent that this bill sets."

Devin says that HB1523 is making it difficult to produce movies in the state, including her own.

"We have worked very hard to build a much better image of our state, our people and even of the quality of our filmmakers," Devin added. "And then to turn around and have now the entire film making community and the world to boycott's scary."

Devin says she plans to release the film by the end of July.

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