Gulfport residents march in hope of peace

Gulfport residents march in hope of peace

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - After several lives have been cut short following a rash of violent crimes, one community is coming to together and saying "No more."

On Saturday, dozens of people packed a Gulfport road in an effort to march over violence.

"With the recent criminal activities, and many of our young people being victims of teenage violence, we want to show the awareness that we're here to show compassion," said organizer Eric Dickey. "Let's turn our communities around."

Gulfport residents marched up and down Martin Luther King Blvd, praying for a change in violence and spreading words of positivity.

However, for some, it was more personal.

"My little cousin was one of the ones that was killed in this senseless act of violence. That's why I'm here," said Gulfport resident Zahira Smith.

And although the temperatures were high, it didn't stop supporters from marching in the streets.

"It's hot, it's very hot, but it doesn't even matter. I'm out here for a cause so I even care how hot it is," said Smith.

Marchers say they will continue to hope and pray for a change in the violence rate. In Gulfport.

"We're just trying to shed awareness that it's time to stop, that it's time to be about our brothers keepers that it's and we have different age groups that are reflecting what our communities should be about," said Dickey.

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