Things To Consider Before Owning A Pet

National pet week is May 6 - 12. Owning a dog or cat consists of more than just walking, feeding and loving them. If you're thinking about owning a pet, Dr. Alan Green, on of the country's leading pediatricians, says there are a few things you should consider.

There are legitimate concerns that affect a family's physical well being. A few ways that pets can have a lasting effect on your family include severe allergies, contagious fleas, risks to expectant moms, dog bites, cat scratches, pet jealousy and ZOONSIS. What is Zoonosis? Virtually every dog and cat will become infected by a parasite at some point in its life. Some of these parasites can result in zoonosis, an infection that is transmitted from animals to humans. Risks to family members can include itchy rashes, lesions, anemia, abdominal pain and diarrhea. In light of such potential complication, proper care and preventative measures are essential, not just for the benefit of the pet but for the health of the entire family.

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