Lorraine Rd. Bridge opens with ceremony

Lorraine Rd. Bridge opens with ceremony

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It's been a long time coming, but the Lorraine Rd. Bridge is finally open after several months of construction.

"It's such a beautiful thing to connect again, and to make things easier to go from place to place here on this whole Coast," said Biloxi Mayor Fofo Gilich.

There was a ceremony officially opening the bridge back up to drivers on Friday morning.

"We had a few hiccups, but it came out just fine. We waited 13 years to have this bridge opened," said Harrison County Supervisor, Connie Rockco.

Maryanne Dunnam Preston has lived near the bridge her entire life. She even had a copy of a newspaper clipping showing when it was built back in 1957.

"We travel it every day for some reason or other. I'm the daughter of  Ed Dunnam, one of the original openers of the bridge that just closed," said Preston.

The prior had several issues with flooding, but Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes says it should no longer be a problem.

"The flooding component, the road leading up to it on both sides, is very low and so having it elevated for a pretty good run is going to make it accessible even when we have have high floods," said Hewes.

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