Touching Facebook photo teaches a valuable lesson

Touching Facebook photo teaches a valuable lesson

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - There's a Facebook post that's lifting spirits all along the coast. The post, which has been shared and liked hundreds of times, features a man carrying an older disabled man on his back.

The man doing the carrying is Daniel Hayden. He said he never got the name of the man he was carrying, but that's not what this good deed was about.

"I wanted him to see that there is love in people," Daniel said.

Daniel's wife, Tabatha, snapped the picture as she rode behind the pair in the truck. She said she first saw the man walking along Hwy. 11 in Picayune with the help of a walker.

As they got closer, she realized the man also had an amputated foot. She said the sight made her feel helpless and sad.

"I was in shock. So many people were passing him up, and it was heartbreaking," said Tabatha.

Being partially paralyzed herself, Tabatha said she knows how it feels to struggle, so they stopped and offered the man a ride. She didn't expect what happened next.

The man walking on the side of the busy highway refused the ride, and according to Tabatha, he said he made it this far without help and he wanted to walk.

That's when Daniel got out of the truck and hoisted the man up on his back. Walker in hand, Daniel carried the man about 40 yards to the gas station at the intersection of Hwy. 11 and Hwy. 43.

"I would do this for anybody that needed it. He didn't want a ride, but I wasn't taking no for an answer. So, I put him on my back and I carried him," Daniel said.

Tabatha said the generosity of her husband brought tears to her eyes.

"That's why we posted it, because you never see things like that anymore," said Tabatha. "It was great to see something good like that come across my news feed instead of all the bad things that have been happening lately."

Daniel said he never expected the post to take off like it did, and he doesn't want the recognition. He and Tabatha just want to pass along a simple lesson to their seven children and anyone else who will listen.

"I just hope more people take a little more time out of their day to help someone who needs help," said Tabatha. "Anything you're physically capable of doing, take a few seconds out of your life to help, because you never know the impact it could have on somebody's life."

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