Hancock County Paramedic to be Honored in Washington

An American Medical Response paramedic is being recognized for being one of the best in his field. Roger Wade will receive the national "Star of Life" award in Washington DC this weekend. It's the highest honor given to EMTs.

"It's tremendously gratifying when you're actually able to make a difference in someone's life help them out," said the award recipient.

Roger Wade is known as a rural responder, his job is to get to a medical emergency before the ambulance does.

"When the ambulance shows up it shortens the amount of time the ambulance has to take on scene to get that patient in the back of the ambulance and moved. Which ultimately gets that patient to the hospital quicker and that's the bottom line."

Wade is a 12 year veteran paramedic, he also holds the title of assistant field supervisor for AMR. He was nominated for the "Star of Life" award by his co-workers and the American Ambulance Association for his leadership skills, dedication to his job and compassion for the community he serves.

Lyall Neumeier, AMR's Public Relations Director said " There are about 750-thousand EMS professionals nation wide and this is only given to about a 100 of them per year so it's a very prestigious honor it's the highest honor he can receive being in the EMS field."

An elated Wade told WLOX NEWS, "I'm extremely grateful for it extremely grateful for it. At the same time I'm extremely surprised cause I could think of countless people right now that I'm working with that would be just as justified in going to Washington and receiving this award as I am."

Perhaps a humble attitude was another reason for being named a "Star Of Life" . Wade will head to Washington DC Saturday May 5th to receive his award. He'll be surrounded by U.S. Congress members when he gets it at a recognition ceremony. Wade will stay in our nation's capital for five days before returning to his job on the Coast.