Gulfport man sentenced for causing fatal crash

Gulfport man sentenced for causing fatal crash

COVINGTON, LA (WLOX) - A Gulfport man will serve the maximum sentence for causing a fatal crash in November 2015 on the Middle Pearl River Bridge in Slidell, LA.

Daniel Coy was reportedly driving a pickup truck when he used the right shoulder to pass two big rigs, slamming into one and sending it over the side of the bridge.

The Warren Montgomery District Attorney's Office said a judge gave Coy five years in prison for negligent homicide and 10 years for a hit-and-run, suspending five of the years for the hit-and-run. Because the sentences will run concurrently, Coy will spend five years behind bars. He will then spend five years on probation.

Rescue divers had to help locate the 18-wheeler after the Nov. 3 accident that took the life of Alabama native Steven Shawn Clark.

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