To-go cups get the go-ahead in Biloxi

To-go cups get the go-ahead in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to allow entertainment districts where people will be able to leave bars and restaurants with a cup filled with an alcoholic beverage in hand.

Police Chief John Miller said the biggest issue he sees with the ordinance is people understanding exactly where they can and can't have to-go cups.

"Certainly our concerns are I'm sure early on we'll have problems with people who don't understand the law," Miller said. "We'll deal with that for a little while, but I feel like everything has a learning curve, and I think once we get past that we'll be fine."

The plan calls for three of those districts. The first encircles the historic district, beginning at IP Casino and wrapping around Back Bay to the beach front and then back to just past the Interstate 110 loop.

The second is right along the beach front from about Veterans Ave. to Debuys Rd. The third will be in north Biloxi at the Cedar Lake Bridge.

Councilman Robert Deming said the entertainment districts provide Biloxi with another tourist recruiting tool.

"We've created a district where we can allow bars and clubs to create entertainment districts that will allow interaction between those venues." Deming said. "It will be similar to Beale St. or downtown in New Orleans. We're going to create one of those locations where people will want to go to for some entertainment value."

The city has to put signs in place explaining the boundaries of the entertainment districts before the to-go cups are actually allowed.

Biloxi joins Gulfport and Long Beach as coast cities that have passed entertainment district ordinances.

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