Staying cool in dangerous temperatures

Staying cool in dangerous temperatures

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Emergency rooms all over the coast, including Garden Park Medical Center, have been treating patients with heat exhaustion for several weeks.

"It felt like 100 degrees," said Kanesha Davis.

"Well, it's been extremely hot," said Joe Abshire.

The temperatures during the summer months in South Mississippi can feel boiling hot, and if you're not careful, they can be lethal.

"When the temperature goes up, the heat index starts to rise. We see more and more patients with heat related injuries," said Garden Park ER Nurse Practitioner Wayne Driver.

Driver said heat exhaustion can strike you when you least expect it with these symptoms.

"Excessive thirst. Excessive sweating. You also feel like your heart's racing. You start to feel weak, blurred vision. These are all tell signs that your becoming dehydrated and leading to heat exhaustion," Driver explained.

Driver said the majority of the patients he's seen this year are young men who work outdoors.

People like Leonard Green waited for the right time before working on his yard.

"Come out when the clouds are out, or come out with a bottle of water," said Green.

Derek and Tashaun Evans said they know exactly what to do when it gets hot.

"I walk inside and go outside," said Derek.

"Go inside or to the pool or something and get a Popsicle. Drink lots of this water," said Tashaun.

"Take frequent breaks and avoid things like caffeine, alcohol. They all tend to dehydrate you more, energy drinks. You know? Drinking beer in the sun, that all dehydrates you. So fluids, electrolytes, Gatorade, water," Driver said.

Driver also recommends avoiding sunburn, wearing loose fitting, lightweight clothes, seeking shade and staying hydrated.

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