Gulfport allows offenders to pay fines with no arrests despite warrants

Gulfport allows offenders to pay fines with no arrests despite warrants

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - For the second time ever, the City of Gulfport is giving offenders the chance to make things right before an arrest.

"Today the Gulfport Municipal Court held an amnesty day for those with a bench warrant," said city spokesman Chris Vignes.

The program gives people with certain fines a chance to pay those fines, avoid an arrest warrant and have the contempt of court fee waived. Organizers say the amnesty day gives Gulfport residents the opportunity to right any of their wrongs with no extra penalties at all.

"This gave an excellent opportunity for those who have done any wrong to help them make it right. Today between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m., they're able to come in and see the judge and get on the right path to getting this taken care of," said Vignes.

That's exactly why Krytopher Johnson showed up, to make things right.

"I'm just here to hopefully keep me out of jail. I just got a wife and a son that I just got five months ago, so I don't need to be away from home with them and do what I need to do to get this behind me and stay home with them," said Johnson.

He's concerned about not being able to pay the full amount.

"What they do is come, make what payment they can and if they can't make a full payment, they go before a judge to be looked at for collection to see what process they can go in from that point forward," said Vignes.

Organizers promise no arrests will be made.

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