Trial delayed for man accused of shooting Gulfport cop

Trial delayed for man accused of shooting Gulfport cop

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A man facing attempted murder charges after he allegedly shot a Gulfport police officer was set to go to trial Monday morning but it's been delayed. According to the Harrison County jail docket, Corey Johnson's next court date is now August 15.

Police arrested Johnson in November 2014. Investigators said an officer attempted to pull over a vehicle on 20th street for a traffic violation, when the passengers, including Johnson, fled on foot.

Investigators report Corey Johnson tried to jump over a fence but fell down. That's when officer Dolton Bradley jumped on top of Johnson and they began struggling.

During Johnson's preliminary hearing, an investigator testified that a police officer's dash camera showed officer Bradley was shot twice 19 seconds into the struggle. Bradley told detectives he was trying to put Johnson's hands behind his back when he was shot and his bullet proof vest rode up during the struggle leaving his stomach where he was shot exposed.

Detectives said after being shot, Bradley was able to knock the gun out of Johnson's hands and hold him down until another police officer arrived. Bradly went through surgery but is okay.

Records also show that Johnson was out on bond for charges related to cocaine, when he was arrested.

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