Residents of St. Martin neighborhood protest speeders

Residents of St. Martin neighborhood protest speeders

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Residents of Windsor Park are tired of their main street, Cambridge Ave., being used like a highway.

They say not enough is being done to stop the speeders, and a protest has begun. It's been a two-year campaign for resident Gary Moseley.

"I live on this corner, and that's my bedroom there," Mosely said. "All I need is for somebody to come down here so fast and end up in my bedroom. It's only a matter of time; only a matter of time."

Mosely is also upset that cars ignore the four-way stop at the corner of Cambridge and Lancaster. Most of the protesters are part of the Windsor Park Civic Association.

"I fear for my granddaughter who's 15," said Reba Johnson, a 44-year resident. "She's going to be driving very soon, and I hate to see her out here. I hope she will be just as alert as I am."

Johnson says she's learned something from other protests on the Coast.

"It works. We can get some attention. Maybe we can get something done," added Johnson.

Resident Jesse Kanode had a close call with a speeder running from police and ending up just feet away from his house.

"They caught him. That's close, but this road can get to be a race track at nighttime," Kanode said. "They run up and down this road and they don't care about the four-way stop. They just blow right through it."

It is the group's first protest, but likely won't be the last.

"We intend to have them more often now until something gets done," Mosley added.

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