Accused Dealer Says She's Innocent

The gaming commission said a man named Richard Taylor was allowed to place bets after dice were thrown. And in exchange for tips, he allegedly got paid on losing bets. A warrant has been issued for Taylor's arrest. So far, four dealers have gone to jail. And more arrests are expected.

One of the dealers who wound up in jail was Sandra Pack. "I am totally innocent of any wrongdoing and I actually thought this would all be over long before now," Pack says. After eight years as a casino dealer, Pack now works at a Long Beach cleaners pressing clothes. Pack says the Mississippi Gaming Commission's investigation of fraud in four casinos caught her completely off guard, and she doesn't know Richard Taylor, the man gaming agents identify as the ringleader."No ma'm...only from the casino, from him playing on my game and I did not know his name was Richard Taylor at that time."

Pack says the gaming commission has linked her with Taylor through a woman named  Marlena Fredericks. Pack says agents told her that Fredericks told them that Fredericks gave 800-dollars of the casino's money to Pack. "This woman who accused you of taking money, this Marlena Fredericks, do you know her? No, I wouldn't know her if she walked up here right now. I wouldn't know who she is. She supposedly picked my picture out of a lineup of pictures. Saying what? That she gave me money in a bathroom at the Grand."

Gaming agents say Marlena Fredericks was jailed on March 8th for allegedly altering a casino game and conspiracy charges. She bonded out the same day. We contacted Fredericks. She referred us to her lawyer, who's out of town.

As for Sandra Pack, Grand Casino fired her a week after her March 14th arrest.  Pack says "It's put a financial burden on my family. I now work here through the goodness and generosity of the owner. It's been devastating actually emotionally, it's been horrific to be slandered, to have your name in the paper and all these allegations and accusations and my family has had to endure this as well." Pack's attorney says he has no doubt there may be people trying to defraud the casinos, but he says his client is not involved. Michael Hester says his client is unjustly accused. "Absolutely, no doubt about it. My client has volunteered to testify before the grand jury and we've asked for a preliminary hearing and we're cooperating fully with law enforcement but since she doesn't know anything about this at all there's not a lot her cooperation does for law enforcement," Hester says.

Pack says she eager awaits the day she is vindicated , so her name and reputation will be clear. Ashlie Skellie of the Mississippi Gaming Commission says although Pack has been charged, she is not "a major player in the conspiracy."