Gulfport City Council to discuss options on Taylor Rd. intersection

Gulfport City Council to discuss options on Taylor Rd. intersection

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - There could be light at the end of the tunnel for drivers fearing for their lives at a dangerous Gulfport intersection.

While the problem has existed for a while, the discussion toward a solution is finally beginning.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation has created options that would help alleviate traffic problems - and potential accidents - at the intersection of Taylor Rd. and Hwy. 605.

Carrie Cole, who works in the area and travels Hwy. 605 frequently, fears more accidents.

"They know they've got a little bit of time before more traffic is coming so everyone's going as fast as they can to shoot across," Cole said. "So, it's going to happen. It's just a matter of fact of when."

Jocelyn Laudisi has seen her share of accidents.

"At the same spot every time," Laudisi said. "In the intersection, you know, someone's trying to turn and not paying attention, or trying to rush and trying to beat the traffic."

MDOT says it can't allow two traffic lights less than 1,270 feet apart. At the urging of Councilman R. Lee Flowers, MDOT documented its suggested options: keep the traffic light where it is at Brentwood, or move it to Taylor Rd. for $200,000.

The intersection without the light will have what is called a direction median crossing, which prevents left hand turns south onto 605. Officials say the crossings are not a bad option. In fact, one like on 605 north of I-10 has helped save lives.

"Since the time we have implemented that traffic solution, we haven't had the types of wrecks that we were having before when people were crossing from the entering road into highway 605 traffic and being T-boned," R. Lee Flowers, Gulfport City Councilman said.

Flowers would prefer the lower cost option of that option first, and then use the money for a traffic light if necessary.

"We can continue to work on that with MDOT to get it done," Flowers said. "But today, let's get something in place before someone gets killed at this intersection."

David DeCelle has lived in the Brentwood subdivision for seven years and doesn't want to see the light moved.

"I know it's a very dangerous intersection," DeCelle said. "I can't imagine how not having a light would improve things."

The Gulfport City Council will discuss the MDOT options at the next meeting on Tuesday.

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