Page 13: Down on a dairy farm in South Mississippi

Page 13: Down on a dairy farm in South Mississippi

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Near the Alabama state line in northeast Jackson County sits Middleton Farms; a 1,000-acre, family-owned dairy farm.

With more than 200 cows heading to its milking facility, the farm is a traditional family operation.

"This is a third-generation dairy farm. We started out in 1948," said Robert Middleton.

Middleton says the farm milks twice every day. Because it is not a creamery, Middleton produces raw milk is sent to a facility to a be pasteurized before ending up in grocery stores.

"Last year we produced 4.4 million pounds of milk. They pick it up every other day. Our milk has gone from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida. Right now it's going to North Mississippi," said Middleton.

Farm animals and farming lifestyle may seem foreign to many. Middleton Farms hosts field trips where school groups can come out here and see where the food chain begins.

"It's unreal some of the questions we get from kids and adults, you would think people would know. All the kids think their milk come from Walmart. We stress that it comes from a farm," Middleton said.

Different stations are set up at the education center and people have the opportunity to taste of what it's like down on the farm through a series of demonstration.

From 10 to 2 on Saturday, Middleton Farms will be holding its first dairy day to celebrate Dairy Month.

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