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Beat the heat without breaking the bank

Experts recommend regular maintenance to keep AC units in good, working order. (Photo source: WLOX News) Experts recommend regular maintenance to keep AC units in good, working order. (Photo source: WLOX News)

The June sky is clear, blue, and blazing hot. Heat radiates off of cars, pavement, buildings, and of course, homes.

It could mean a big bill when trying to beat the heat, but there are ways to keep it from getting out of control.

"Well, in the summertime, also turn off the ceiling fan before you leave," said Bill Snyder with Mississippi Power.

Why? There's no use in spending energy to circulate air if no one's home to feel it. Snyder also recommends paying attention to windows.

"With all that heat coming in, especially here, you've got that hot afternoon sun. You want to close these curtains, that shuts out the sun," said Snyder.

But, homes won't likely get cool without a good dose of air conditioning. Snyder says 78 degrees is a good standard temperature.

Though it may sound a little high, Mike Foster with Foster's Heating and Air says there's no use in setting it too low.

"If you set it on 65, chances are it's not going to pull it down to 65, so you're wasting a lot of energy," said Foster. 

There's also an advantage to owning a digital programmable thermostat that allows users to set different temperatures for different times of the day.

According to Foster, it's important to maintain air conditioning units. He recommends getting units cleaned at least twice a year.

"If the machine's dirty, just a slight bit of dirt in this heat, it tells," said Foster. "It won't produce like it should."

Foster says many people buy into the misconception that units can work better by closing off rooms and vents.

"Best thing to do is leave the doors open, make sure all your vents are open. Cool your whole house," said Foster, who also recommends checking air filters each time a power bill is received. 

To find more ways to beat the heat and not break the bank, click here to visit Mississippi Power's website

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