Angler Camp teens treated to the adventure of a lifetime

Angler Camp teens treated to the adventure of a lifetime

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - More than 35 young teenagers have memories that will last a lifetime after going deep sea fishing for the first time.

The trip was made possible by Shaggy's co-owners Ron Ladnier and Rimmer Covington, founders of Angler Camp. The pair supplied boats, bait, and poles.

It didn't take long to reach deep water 40 miles offshore.

"Very, very wet but definitely worth it. We have caught three red snappers total." Molly Collum said.

There was no shortage of fish or fun for camper Luke Landwehr.

"It was fighting pretty good and kind of swam off, but then I had to pull it up and get it back again," Landwehr said.

So why do the Shaggy's co-owners host the camp?  Co-owner Ron Ladnier had the answer.

"There is nothing like seeing a kid catch their first fish, or a big one," said Ladnier.

It also has to do with tradition for co-owner Rimmer Covington.

"Whenever I was a young guy, my father and a lot of his friends used to do the same thing for me, and it got me hooked," Covington explained.

The trip wasn't just about fish, it was also about marine education because of angler camp ties with the Gulf Coast Research Lab.

"We wanted to incorporate science, conservation and fishing all into one. We know there's a lot of kids that are really into fishing and being a research lab, we want to get kids involved in science and conservation as well so that was the ultimate goal of this camp," said Ben Weldon, GCRL marine educator.

It was Oliver Young's first boat ride, and he says it won't be his last.

"It's just been a very good week with Angler Camp and I never got to do anything like this before," said Camp. "I'm looking forward to doing it again."

The Shaggy's partners founded, and have sponsored the Angler Camp since 2009. Hundreds of children and teens have attended, and it was the first year the group has gone deep sea fishing.

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