Brady Drive Is Done...Finally

The project cost a lot more than expected. The reason is when workers dug up the street they found lots of muck.

Decades ago when Brady Drive was built, crews put pine trees underneath the street, which eventually got wet and turned into this muck. It was an unexpected expense for the contractor to dig up and remove it all.

But, all that is in the past now, and residents and business owners are happy that life on Brady Drive is finally getting back to normal.

"When they work on it, you know, kill our business, but now the street's good and I'm very happy with it," said Tom Kennedy, a Brady Drive motel owner.

Kennedy says tourists are finally coming back to his motel. The new paved road makes it a smooth ride up to his property and inviting for customers.

But Brady Drive looked much different for 11 months and Kennedy estimates he lost $130,000 while the construction was going on. During that time, he says customers wouldn't stay here.

"They complain lot of noise, dust everywhere, you know, every time they cross and the street to go to Dennys and come back, dust all over the carpet in the room," said Kennedy. "And now, it's clean."

For people who live along Brady Drive, life is also starting to get back to normal. People can actually walk on their sidewalks again and they've begun planting flowers and doing other things to spruce up their homes.

"I'm trying to fix up the front yard and everything seems real well, except for the leaves, a lot of raking, but the street is nice and we're real satisfied with it," Brady Drive resident Norman Broussard said.

Residents say they understood that the city had to fix the aging road, but they were frustrated that the project took so long.

"It was a mess," said resident Jill Schofield. "It was dirty. It was just a hassle for everybody, but it's done."

Now that it is finished, residents can again enjoy their quiet neighborhood and breathe a sigh of relief that the construction is over.

Besides the repaving, crews also fixed drainage and the sewer lines on Brady Drive. The project was supposed to be finished in September 2000. It wasn't actually done until February 2001.