Gun stocks surge, while sales in South Mississippi remain stagnant

Gun stocks surge, while sales in South Mississippi remain stagnant
Gun stocks surge in light of Orlando shooting, but sales in South Mississippi see little change. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's a trend seen in the wake of almost every mass shooting - soaring gun sales.

"It can get to a point where product disappears from the manufacturing level all the way down to the store here," said Michael Creel, the manager of Cook's Gun Shop.

Following Saturday night's shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando that left 50 dead and more than 50 injured, gun stores across the country and here in South Mississippi prepared for an uptick in sales. Creel said Cook's Gun shop in Biloxi was one of those stores.

"I did put some items on order that I feel like would be what the majority of people are gonna want. I haven't shipped them yet, still kinda waiting to see," said Creel.

Monday morning, stocks for popular gun manufacturers surged, some up nine percent.

"At the very beginning of Monday, yea, they were selling lots and lots of inventory. But after a couple of hours, it just stopped," said Creel.

There wasn't a rush of people at Cook's Gun Shop to buy weapons. Creel says that may be due to the gun culture in South Mississippi.

"Here in the South - especially South Mississippi, hunting and target shooting is huge. Children learn from an early age how to respect fire arms and how to use them," Creel said.

He says for that reason, it's been a normal week at the gun shop. But Creel says there is something that could happen to change that.

"If the president gets on the TV and if he says something like we're gonna do this, do this, do this about gun control, then the next morning it could happen, It could get really busy," Creel said.

He says for South Mississippians the panic and fear in these incidents comes from the threat of being stripped of their second amendment rights.

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